You Can’t Improve on Perfection, so is a “Breaking Bad” Movie a Good Idea?

You can’t improve on perfection. Breaking Bad is as close to perfection as you can get with a TV series, especially that immaculate series finale. Why try and improve on perfection, largely because this movie could be an extreme fail and tarnish the legacy of the original – the big question that looms over every potential reboot and revival being proposed now.

As previously reported, creator Vince Gillian is working with Sony pictures TV for a 2-hour Breaking Bad movie slated to go into production this month. The only details we know is what the movie is going to be about – a man who escapes a kidnapping and is on his quest for freedom. That’s great to know, but the most important thing we can know at this moment is who’s returning from the original series, if anyone at all.


As luck would happen, Heisenberg himself Bryan Cranston appeared yesterday morning on The Dan Patrick Show going so far as confirming there will indeed be a movie, and that he’s had conversations with Vince Gillian on reprising his character Walter White, however he has not seen a script for the project. The surprising fact of the matter is that Cranston would love to be apart of the movie and hopes Gilligan can find a way to bring back Heisenberg in some form, considering his fate from the 2013 finale. The only reason why I saw Cranston wanting to be involved with this project is surprising because actors usually want to leave their iconic characters behind to pursue new projects. It seems Cranston trusts Gilligan enough to revisit the journey a second time.

But more news has emerged from that. It been strongly confirmed that the aforementioned kidnapped man is indeed Jesse Pinkman! It’s safe to say Aaron Paul will be back for the movie reprising his role that won him three Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmys (2010, 2012, 2014).

If you remember from the series finale, and everybody should have seen this four years later, we see Jesse escaping, but not really knowing if he got away. As you look back you have to wonder, was Jesse’s fate intentionally left wide open to interpretation knowing that the character may be revisited at a later time? Gilligan has a prequel with Better Call Saul, why not a continuation series that features the redemption of another character?

While a Breaking Bad movie may sound excited to some, but definitely not to all fans of the original, the question must be asked – is this movie even needed? With Walt freeing Jesse from the Neo Nazis and escaping into an unknown future, it gave audiences the freedom to draw their own conclusions about Jesse’s fate, and with everything that Jesse went through while he knew Walt, I chose to believe that Jesse escaped and never needed to look over his shoulder again, it strong part because Walt is (supposedly?!) dead.

Details will be emerging daily about this Breaking Bad movie, so stay tuned!

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