“Broad City” Returns and Intends to Leave on Top!

Based of the season premiere, the dope queens of Broad City are determined to  go out with a bang in its final season.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators and stars of Broad City has, in my opinion, have created the quinessential show about millennial life in a big city. Being around the age of Glazer and Jacobson, their experiences on screen has in some ways mirrored my experiences living my best life as a twentysomething in a big city (Chicago instead of New York). For this reason, Broad City one of my favorite comedies since its Comedy Central premiere in 2014.

Broad City has always shined because of its unique point of view (told by two American Jewish women), relateable experiences, and its style of innovative storytelling. The fifth season premiere “Stories” took it to the next level of amazing! The episode centers around Abbi’s (Jacobson) 30th birthday and the ladies decide to spend the day gallivanting from the “tippity-top of Manhattan to the tippity-bottom of Manhattan,” but told through the eyes of their Instagram story!


broad-city-1.jpgMost people I know live out their lives through multiple social media platforms, and it was great to see this throughout an entire episode of a show that prides itself on what its like to live in an amazing city in your twenties. While I don’t like to admit it, I’m captive social media at times. Even though many of us have hundred, thousands, or millions of followers, social media can sometimes make you feel isolated from the world (ironically), but seeing life imitating art on last nights Broad City showed us that we aren’t alone.

“Stories” was one of the inventive episodes over the course of the 41 episodes of Broad City to date. It kept my attention through the entire half-hour because I didn’t know what was going to come next. It was the same feeling as if I were watching the too many to count outraegous people I follow in my own life, living their (best?) lives. As I watched, I felt if I was actually watching the Instagram story of Abbi and Ilana, complete with emojis, captions, Oprah gifs, zoom filters and all (I felt even more immersed since I follow the both of them in real life).

No doubt about it that these besties had the time of their lives that day welcoming in Abbi’s first day of her “dirty thirties,” but it led to a poignant and self-reflective discovery I would assume many people can relate with. We put all these stories out on social media for the whole world to see because we want to live up to this perception that we need to do so, but while creating these stories, does that still make them our own stories? Or are they stories exclusively for other people that we orchestrate for their approval and our own self-happiness?

Deep stuff Broad City, deep stuff!

The final season of Broad City continues Thursdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central.






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