TV Talk with JWalk Podcast Episode 5 – Jussie, Why Did You Lie?!

Jussie, Why did you lie?!

For the past three weeks, the country has been fixated on the Jussie Smollett case, and rightfully so. Smollett, star of Fox’s hit drama series Empire, was allegedly attacked in Chicago on the frigidly cold morning of January 29th. His initial story was absolutely heartbreaking, telling authorities that he was the subject of a racial and homophobic hate crime. As the story broke, America’s heart ached for Jussie, hoping that Chicago Police would quickly track down his assailants and bring them to justice.

While America was anxiously awaiting for updates from the Chicago Police Department, investigators were hunting down every lead they could to bring #JusticeForJussie.

Well – as the days and weeks unfolded, so did Jussie’s story, and at this moment it looks Jussie wasn’t the actual victim, all of his supporters were – and there were millions of them. Living in Chicago, I followed this case closely because as a black man apart of the LGBT community, this hit close to home…my literal home as I live 10 minutes from where the alleged attack occured. I hadn’t really publicized my opinions until I heard all the facts, but I did have my thoughts.

While many found holes in his story early on, I personally held out hope that the Empire star was telling the truth and that investigators would catch the criminals that executed this awful crime against Jussie. Looks like Jussie was the criminal all along.

On this podcast, I have my partner Chris and our best friend Ang on the podcast to discuss whats been dominating headlines and dividing the country for the past three weeks. Chris, Ang and I ask the question: Jussie, why did you lie?!

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