Emmy Talk with JWalk: Is Andre Braugher Poised for a “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Emmy Comeback?

captholtBrooklyn Nine-Nine is living its best second life at its new home on NBC. The offbeat cop comedy went from being a prematurely cancelled low-rated afterthought on Fox, to the tentpole of NBC’s legendary Thursday night comedy lineup – and recently being renewed for a 7th season!

B99 has never been an Emmy favorite. With only 9 Emmy nominations and 1 win under its belt (for Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Comedy Series Or A Variety Program – 2014), one would wonder why a once-cancelled comedy series in its sixth season is being brought up in this years Emmy conversation?

Andre Braugher has been the only cast member to be nominated for an Emmy, and rightfully so. Braugher’s Captain Raymond Holt is a middle-aged African-American gay man who’s strict, professional, and plays by the rules all while being compassionate, loving, empathic, and caring of his follow officers in the 99th precinct. Braugher can jump from any emotion with the same stern no-nonsense look on his face and it’s comedic gold. By the time Brooklyn Nine-Nine ends (a second time), Captain Holt will go down as one of TV’s best cops, and TV’s overall best characters.

Braugher has been nominated in this role three times prior in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series race in 2014, 2015, and 2016, but I have to wonder with B99‘s new life on NBC, will they mount an Emmy campaign for the actor? As far as realistic comedy Emmy contenders, the network only has B99, The Good Place and MAYBE Will and Grace, so a possible Braugher comeback may be possible.

It also helps that Braugher is no stranger to the Emmys, being nominated 10 times before, winning twice, in 1998 (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Homicide: Life on the Streets), and 2006 (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series, Movie, Thief). 

2019 Emmy nominations will be announced Tuesday, July 16th, get ready for a lot of coverage leading to the final day as potential nominees heat up or cool off.

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