Emmy Talk with JWalk: It’s Time for Susan Kelechi Watson’s Emmy Nomination for “This Is Us”

Susan Kelechi Watson has always been the bright spot of the crowded This Is Us ensemble. She continuously provides support and brings life to each of the storylines she’s apart of, no matter what Pearson family member it is. This season particularly, Waston’s Beth has been the secondary character that writers have focused on and elevated to center stage, and it’s about damn time!

Three particular episodes this season, “Our Little Island Girl,” “The Waiting Room,” and tonight’s episode appropriately titled “R & B” delves deeper into Randall and Beth’s journey from their first date in college to their current martial woes, but focuses much more on Beth’s perspective of the trials and tribulations of their romance.

I’d welcome the debate that another This Is Us actor had the material that Watson has devoured this season. Which is why there’s no reason why Watson shouldn’t get her much deserved Emmy nomination for the NBC cryfest.

With a Supporting Actress category that is only seeing one retuning actress, Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey, this category is completely wide open and it’ll be a travesty if Watson isn’t welcomed to the party – even if it’s at the expense of her co-star Chrissy Metz.

My early predictions in the Supporting Actress category already includes Susan Kelechi Watson receiving an Emmy nomination this year, but I just wanted to reiterate how deserving it’ll be if she’s honored with a nomination, and the great thing about all this is that a nominations it’s not out of the realm of possibility of it happening. It’ll just be one of the greatest moments of the Emmy announcement morning.

2019 Emmy nominations will be announced Tuesday, July 16th, get ready for a lot of coverage leading to the final day as potential nominees heat up or cool off.

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