“Abby’s” Preview: NBC Re-Invents the Multi-Camera Sitcom

NBC is known for its comedy throughout the decades, especially the “Must See TV” era of the 1980’s, 1990’s, and to a lesser extent, the late 2000’s.

NBC’s latest comedy premiere Abby’s doesn’t have an outside-the-box premise but it has promise thanks to its star Natalie Morales. Morales plays Abby, who operates a bar out of her San Diego backyard illegally, which draws irritation from her landlord Bill (Nelson Franklin) due to the insurance liabilities. Frequent backyard bar patrons Fred (Neil Flynn) & Beth (Jessica Chaffin) round out the cast.

Abby’s isn’t just a multi-camera sitcom (and if you know me, these forgotten gems, when done correctly, will always have a special place in my television heart). Typical multi-cams shoot on a soundstage. Not only is Abby’s shot in front of a live studio audience, the studio audience, the set, and the show is be shot outside, to complement the setting of the show being an outside bar! Shot outdoors from the Universal Studios lot in Los Angeles in the backyard of Desperate Housewives character Edie Britt, Abby’s doesn’t try to hid the fact that their outside, which adds to the allure of the series.

Abby’s premieres tonight at 9:30/8:30c in NBC.

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