Emmy Talk with JWalk: “The Handmaid’s Tale” WILL Complete in the 2019 Emmys – But Only in Certain Categories. See Which Ones

Hulu isn’t sitting out of the Emmy season just yet! The streaming service has found a way for The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 to complete in 18 categories at the 2019 Emmy Awards even though season 3 premieres days after The Academy’s May 31st cut off date.

Three Handmaid’s episodes of season 2 actually aired during the 2019 eligibility period, “Holly” on June 27, “Postpartum” on July 4th, and “The Word” on July 11th. The catch here these episodes are only able to complete in the Creative Arts Awards, so none of last years actors Elisabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, Alexis Biedel, Yvonne Stravoski, or Joseph Fiennes will be competing, and it still won’t be competing in the best drama race.

The categories that The Handmaid’s Tale will compete in are:

  • Best Drama Directing: Daina Reed (“Holly”)
  • Best Drama Directing: Mike Barker (“The Word”)
  • Best Drama Writing: Bruce Miller, Kira Snyder (“Holly”)
  • Best Drama Guest Actress: Cherry Jones (“Holly”)
  • Best Drama Guest Actor: Bradley Whitford (“Postpartum”)
  • Best Drama Editing: Aaron Marshall (“Holly”)
  • Best Drama Editing: Christopher Donaldson (“Postpartum”)
  • Best Drama Editing: Wendy Hallam Martin (“The Word”)
  • Best Cinematography (One-Hour): Zoe White (“Holly”)
  • Best Cinematography (One-Hour): Colin Watkinson (“The Word”)
  • Best Production Design (Contemporary): Elizabeth Williams
  • Best Costumes (Fantasy/Sci-Fi): Ane Crabtree, Natalie Bronfman (“The Word”)
  • Best Music Composition (Series): Adam Taylor
  • Best Hairstyling (Single Camera): Karola Dirnberger
  • Best Makeup (Single Camera Non-Prosthetic): Burton LeBlanc
  • Best Makeup (Prosthetic): Burton LeBlanc
  • Best Sound Editing (One Hour): Jane Tattersall
  • Best Sound Mixing (One Hour): Sylvain Arseneault, Lou Solakofski, Joe Morrow

Here is the official language of The Academy explaining the submission allowance:

14a. An ongoing series or intended series (excluding documentary/nonfiction and animation) that is cancelled or discontinued and five or less episodes first aired in the current eligibility year, the series is ineligible for program category entry. However, individual achievement eligibility for “orphaned” episodes of a series that has previously qualified for series program eligibility may be eligible so long as the entry complies with the specific eligibility rules for the category. Please note that series body-of-work individual achievement entries are not eligible. These categories include: lead and supporting performers, writing for a variety series, casting, stunt coordination and, where the body-of-work entry option is chosen, picture editing and cinematography for reality programming.

2019 Emmy nominations will be announced Tuesday, July 16th, get ready for a lot of coverage leading to the final day as potential nominees heat up or cool off.

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