Emmy Talk with JWalk: I’m Betting Big on “The Good Place”


The Good Place is one of the rare broadcast comedies that has everything going for it. Its cast, led by Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, is top notch. Three seasons in it stays fresh and inventive, and most of all, it’s one of the funniest series in this era of peak TV.

I’m betting big on The Good Place this year at the Emmys, and you forking should too! While I don’t expect it to get double digit nominations like Veep or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I do think The Good Place is going to be able to push itself into a few of the Emmys top categories.

Even though it was only nominated for two awards last year, those awards meant something, it means the show is gaining momentum at the ceremony. It means The Good Place was on the radar, and it’s officially in the club. Ted Danson’s Best Actor nomination was somewhat expected, he’s Ted Danson. The big surprise nomination was for Maya Rudolph for Guest Actress. This nomination meant Danson’s wasn’t based off his name recognition, but voters were actually watching the show.

The reason I’m betting big is there’s no way the show is going to get less than the amount of nominations it received last year. Ted Danson is sure to be back in the lead actor category, and I wouldn’t be shocked in Maya Rudolph returned as well. I feel it with all my bones, this is the year that Kristen Bell makes it in lead actress in a comedy series. The Golden Globes gave me hope when the nominated her, and I had a strong feeling she’d win. It’s also the perfect time for it to crack the best comedy race.

Even though Bell and Danson are the stars of the show, The Good Place has a strong supporting team as well, especially with D’Arcy Carden, who plays virtual assistant Janet. Carden has her best episode ever with season three’s “Janet(s)”. Carden essentially played Janet and her three co-stars characters throughout the episode, putting Carden’s acting chops on full display. If she isn’t nominated for this episode, it’ll be one of the biggest snubs of the year!

Season three’s “Jeremy Bearimy” was also a major turning point in the narrative of The Good Place, and a writing nomination would be well deserved for Megan Amram, who successfully mounted her own Emmy campaign last year (which led to 2 nominations) for her web series An Emmy for Megan. 

The Good Place deserves all the Emmy love it can get, and this has been its best season yet, which has turned it from a small cult series into a mainstream success. NBC should be proud about what this series has become and be praised for being patient with this  series and nurturing it to success.

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