“Sharp Objects” Aired So Long Ago, Does Patricia Clarkson Still Have a Chance?

The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are weeks away and it’s time to narrow down who I believe SHOULD WIN and WILL WIN at this years Emmys. Let’s take a look at Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.


  • Patricia Arquette – The Act
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake – When They See Us
  • Patrica Clarkson – Sharp Objects
  • Vera Farmiga – When They See Us
  • Margaret Qualley – Fosse/Verdon
  • Emily Watson – Chernobyl

Who Should Win – Niecy Nash, When They See Us


I know Niecy Nash isn’t nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie category, I’m left scratching my head on the decision making process that led to this. I’m thrilled that she scored a well deserved nomination in the lead category, but this miscategorization of Nash’s performance is going to cost her an Emmy win that should be hers. The only explanation of Nash being submitted in the lead category is her performance opposite Jharrel Jerome, who plays the oldest member of the Central Park Five, Korey Wise. Nash is playing the mother of Korey, so the majority of their scenes are opposite one another, which is the only rationale that explains Nash being in lead.

The supporting category isn’t a strong as the Lead Actress in a Limited Series/Movie category, and while I’m not saying Nash’s performance isn’t strong enough to be a lead, its going to be an uphill battle for her to win in that category because her role in When They See Us simply isn’t a lead role due to screen time. The same goes for Aunjanue Ellis, who plays the mother of Yusel Salaam. Jharrel Jerome’s performance carried the most weight throughout this four-part miniseries and thus has the most impactful and wide ranging performance. Since Jerome was in both the past and present timelines playing both young and adult Korey, his lead acting categorization is legitimate. The fathers of When They See Us, Michael K. Williams and John Leguizamo, were rightfully submitted in the supporting categories, which up their odds of winning compared to if they were also submitted in the lead category – that is if vote splitting doesn’t get in their way. If Niecy Nash were actually in this category, I would automatically call her a lock for an Emmy win.

Will Win – Patricia Clarkson, Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects
Episode 5
Patricia Clarkson
photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO

While I think too much time pasted for Amy Adams to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Sharp Objects, but I can’t say the same for Patricia Clarkson! Clarkson’s performance as Adams’ mother Adora Crellin was memorable and impactful that can stand the test of time. Clarkson gave a subtle and ominous performance that elevated her from all the competition in this category. Even though Adora was a mother who slowly poisoned her children to keep them needy and close due to the troubling rare disorder Munchasen by Proxy, you still loved the character somehow, and that’s due to Clarkson’s performance.

Patricia Clarkson has a Globe Globe for this role, and while she didn’t compete against any of the nominees in this category at the Globes, Clarkson has an easy victory here. in my eyes.

The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air on Sunday, September 22nd at 8/7c on Fox.


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