Comedy and Drama Emmy Predictions (Updated)

Yesterday the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that Emmy Awards two most prominent categories, Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series, will now be determined based on the number of submissions in each category. TV Academy chairman and CEO Frank Scherma saying in a statement “The increase in submissions is a reflection of the number of new voices, new television platforms and a tremendous growth in content from existing platforms across our industry”

The comedy and drama categories will now have 8 nominees based on the new criteria of the number of submissions. 240 submissions or more will warrant 8 nominees. This will likely not affect the Outstanding Limited Series category – a category that should also consider expanding nominees based on the number of limited series being released each year.

What does this mean for my predictions? One extra show gets to be added from my previously predicted seven comedies and dramas.

My original Outstanding Comedy Predictions were The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video), Schitt’s Creek (Pop), Insecure (HBO), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Dead To Me (Netflix), Breeders (FX), and Ramy (Hulu). With the addition of one more comedy series, I’ll be adding the final season of The Good Place (NBC) as a frontrunner. Top threats still include FX’s Better Things and Dave. 

As for the Outstanding Drama Series frontrunners, I previously predicted Succession (HBO), Better Call Saul (AMC), Ozark (Netflix), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), This Is Us (NBC), Stranger Things (Netflix) and The Crown (Netflix). My additional frontrunner nominee will be The Morning Show (Apple TV+).

Here are my frontrunners for Outstanding Drama Series

  • Succession (HBO)
  • Better Call Saul  (AMC)
  • Ozark (Netflix)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)
  • This Is Us (NBC)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
  • The Crown (Netflix)
  • The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

Here are my frontrunners for Outstanding Comedy Series

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)
  • Schitt’s Creek (Pop)
  • Insecure (HBO)
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
  • Dead to Me (Netflix)
  • Breeders (FX)
  • Ramy (Hulu)
  • The Good Place (NBC)

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