Emmy Talk With JWalk: How Many Emmy Nominations Can “Schitt’s Creek” Earn For Its Final Season?


I said it last year and I’ll say it again: I’m riding the Schitt’s Creek bandwagon all through Emmy season! Of course last year the battle was it breaking through the clutter and getting nominated for Best Comedy along the likes of other shows also battling to get their first Best Comedy nomination: The Good Place, Russian Doll and Fleabag. Not only did Schitt’s Creek secure its first Best Comedy nomination, but earned four altogether – a long overdue best actress nomination for Catherine O’Hara, best actor in a comedy series nominated for Eugene Levy, as well as Outstanding Contemporary Costumes. This year, its final year, with a series finale that wrapped its triumphant six season run as one of the best comedy series finales in recent memory, I think Schitt’s Creek  is going to surge in nominations this year! I feel it, it could happen, and I’m going to manifest it by saying it will happen!

How many Emmy nominations do I think Schitt’s Creek will earn this year? No less than TEN. How is Schitt’s Creek going to earn a minimum of ten nominations this year? I’ll tell you. It’ll easily repeat the four nominations it received last year, best comedy series, Best actor/actress in a comedy series, and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes. I’m now only six nominations away. Easy! Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Dan Levy. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominations for Annie Murphy, a long-shot, unexpected, left-field nomination for Emily Hampshire, Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for Victor Garber, and it could pick up a minimum of one each in writing and directing. Not to forget other categories like casting, production design, hairstyling, makeup, and sound. The point is, there’s a lot of categories where Schitt’s Creek could grab a nomination here and there, and BOOM – its one the most nominated comedies of the year! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel better watch out!

Schitt’s Creek is no stranger to earning awards. Schitt’s Creek is the Canadian awards rockstar, earning a whopping 26 nominations at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards (Canada’s version of the Emmys), winning six which included Best Comedy Series and wins for Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Emily Hampshire. It’s equivalent to Game of Thrones and Veep north of the border, the questions is however, will the quiet-but-mighty comedy series finally get its much-deserved recognition from the Emmys on its final attempt?

Again – my predictions on what nominations I think Schitt’s Creek can receive this year:

  1. Outstanding Comedy Series
  2. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – Eugene Levy
  3. Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – Catherine O’Hara
  4. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy
  5. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Annie Murphy
  6. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Emily Hampshire
  7. Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Victor Garber “Sunrise, Sunset”
  8. Outstanding Contemporary Costume Design
  9. Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy & Andrew Cividino “Happy Ending”
  10. Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy “Happy Ending”

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