Why people TV Talk with JWalk

My name is Jordan (JWalk) Walker, and I’m a TV-holic!

I have loved watching TV, loved knowing everything about my favorite shows, and loved knowing what was going to happen next in the television industry for many years now. I have always loved talking to people about TV shows and the industry as a whole, but all that was just water-cooler talk, or so I thought.

As the years progressed, I started to find myself learning and loving TV even more, following all of the big TV journalist on Twitter, reading TV articles everyday, and knowing TV schedules like they were the back of my hand. That’s when I realized that I want to make TV my life. That’s where my blog started.

I want to report on TV news and issues as a living, it’s my passion, so this is the perfect place to start! This is the only place that you will be able to get my thoughts on the industry, my take on new, returning, and even older shows.

I am very committed to this blog, and because I am, you will see updates everyday. Things you can expect to see on a daily basis:

  • TV Ratings from the previous night
  • Show reviews
  • Breaking TV news as it happens
  • Renewal and cancellation news on some of the biggest shows from Broadcast and Cable
  • Analysis on the TV industry
  • My exclusive interpretations on what is, and should be going on in the TV world

TV Talk with JWalk is getting off to a great start, and hopefully from here, things will only get better for my blog.

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