Should Ashton Kutcher be worried about Two and a Half men ratings declines?

Poor Ashton Kutcher. He has had so much to worry about within the last couple of weeks. First, he has to deal with the accusations of him cheating on his wife Demi Moore on their six-year wedding anniversary, which is leading to a myriad or rumors of an impeding divorce between the power couple. Now, Kutcher has to deal the continuous ratings decline of his show Two and a Half Men. But should Ashton have anything to worry about?

Within the last four weeks, viewers of CBS’ hit comedy have been dropping like flies. The season premiere September 19th was the largest audience the show has ever had, drawing in a record 28.7 million viewers to see how Charlie Sheen was going to be killed off and how Kuthcer was going to be introduced. In subsequent weeks, ratings have dropped sharply to 20.5 million viewers for week two, 17.5 million viewers for week 3, 16.2 million viewers for week four, and 15.1 million viewers for this Mondays airing.

According to Radar Online, Kutcher has been reported to be concerned about the ratings dropping each week. But as of this week last year, Two and a Half Men, with Charlie Sheen still in the starring role, was drawing 13.3 million viewers and a adults 18-49 demo rating of 4.3. As of now, Kutcher is in the clear, but for how long?

In my opinion, there really isn’t anything to worry about. In the all important adults 18-49 demo, Two and a Half Men is still one of the top shows on television, grabbing a 5.2 in the demo this week (and when you add in Live +7 ratings, the demo rating rises as high as a 8.0). Most importantly, with the addition of Kutcher to Men, the average age of the show has decreased significantly, going from an average age of 50 down to 40. This is huge for CBS, since the network usually skews toward an older audience.

But it’s not really time to celebrate just yet, we have to stick with reality here. If ratings keep dropping just 1 million viewers per week, if wont be soon before long that Two and a Half Men will be hovering around the 10 million viewer mark. Will this happen? Its quite possible, but probably not going to happen. Everyone knew that the ratings for the show were going back to normal after Kutchers’ transition on the show.

Many most be wondering why the ratings are falling? One reason could be attributed to the fall in the ratings in Kutchers’ very publicized marital woes with his (soon to be ex) wife. The tabloid scandals could very well be tarnishing his squeaky clean image and driving some fans to change the channel.

That could be one reason. The biggest reason is that the audience may just prefer Charlie Sheen of Ashton Kutcher in the starring role; I know I do, and that’s why I have stopped watching the show. After eight seasons, bringing in a new character that the audiences is going to warm up to and want to watch every week is very hard. It changes the dynamic of a show, and when a show has been on as long as Men, cast dynamic is very important.

Will ratings for Two and a Half Men continue to slide in upcoming weeks? There is a huge possibility of that. Are the ratings going to be bad enough for CBS to outright cancel the show a the end of the season? Absolutely not. Kutcher should stop worrying so much about the ratings and worry about how he can get his personal life back on track.


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    A possible reason why the ratings are still “holding up”, is the voyeuristic persona of a large number of fans. They see a train wreck coming, and want to be there to witness it.

    IMO, ratings will continue to fall – maybe not enough to cancel this show, but enough to taint the whole affair. As for Sheen (and his TV career), he’ll return in some form or another, whether it be Anger Management – a show that has so much potential with a guy like Charlie – or another vehicle. It may take him a few years, but he’s too talented to stay away for good.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I agree with everything you just said. People are interested because people wanted to see the hype with Ashton Kutcher onboard. I also agree with Charlie Sheen’s next career move. He still very much has a career. He hit rock bottom in the 90s to return triumphantly with Spin City and Two and a Half Men. Hes done it before so he can do it again. His biggest problem: him finding a network to actually carry Anger Management.

      I hope you liked the blog. Keep checking it out and tell people about it!
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