CBS cuts Rules of Engagement season by multiple episodes

CBS has announced that the episode order of its seasoned comedy Rules of Engagement season has been cut from 18 episodes to 13.

The network originally picked up the sixth season comedy for 18 episodes, with 2 left over from last season, bringing the season order to 20. Now, the network has decided to produce only 13 episodes, in addition to airing the 2 leftover ones, making the sixth season total of 15.

This has nothing to do with the ratings Rules produces, which as been a performing well on Thursday nights after replacing failed comedy How to Be a Gentleman, averaging over 11 million viewers, and doing fine in certain demographics. Every season, CBS removes its lowest rated comedy and drama from its fall line-up to make room for new shows for the spring portion of the season. As of now, Rules of Engagement is the lowest rated comedy on CBS now, as the networks newest comedy 2 Broke Girls, which is averaging the same amount of total viewers, but 2 Broke Girls beats Rules of Engagement by a wide margin in the 18-49 demo (4.5 vs. 3.6), which is the most important for CBS.

Most likely to take over for Rules of Engagement this spring, a new untitled comedy starring Rob Schneider. Rules could return by the end of the season if Schneider’s sitcom fails, but it’s safe to say that Rules will be back on the CBS schedule for the 2012-2013 season due to its impressive ratings so far this season.

This just adds to the reason why Rules of Engagement is the little show that could, as I profiled the show on how it has overcome constant season order cuts, and timeslot changes.

Rules of Engagement airs Thursdays at 8:30p.m. on CBS.

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