Review: “Are You There, Chelsea?” I can tell you what’s not there, a good show.

I can tell you what’s not there, a funny sitcom.

2012 may be the year of bad sitcoms. First ABC’s Work It, now NBC’s Are You There, Chelsea? I didn’t have high hopes for this show when I previewed it a couple of months ago, but watching the final product was worse than I thought.

This sitcom, based on the best-selling book “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” by Chelsea Handler could be much better than what it is, if NBC wasnt so lazy at developing sitcoms. The first thing they got wrong, not having Chelsea Handler play herself. In a somewhat funny NBC promo, Handler joked that NBC didn’t want her to play herself because se was too old; something that I believe is true. But Handler’s brand of comedy is unique. She is the only one that can tell her story in the funny, original tone that Handler has that was shown in her book in which the show is based from, and her weekly E! late night talk show Chelsea Lately. Laura Prepon is an experienced sitcom actress, but not in a role where she’s suppose to play the insensible and outspoken Handler.

Handler is a co-star on the series however, playing her the sister of Chelsea, (Prepon), Sloane. In easier terms, she’s playing her sister. Handler seems very stiff and uncomfortable on-screen. She is out of her element here. Not a familiar face in the sitcom world, Handler is a natural doing stand-up or hosting her late night talk show. She was most likely sober shooting the pilot on this show, so that could also impact her performance. I often suspect her of being a little bit tipsy when she’s on E! The show should try to be edgy instead of trying to focus on a Chelsea that is trying to turn her life around after getting a DWI. Who wants to see Chelsea Handler being nice?

This is another case of NBC creating a show that could have has some sort of potential, but falling flat on its face. The star of the show is someone who doesn’t have the chops to play who the character is based on, the supporting cast is boring and uninteresting, and the show itself seems like a show that NBC brought out of a vault from the 1990’s, and not the good part of the 90’s.

Back in the 1990’s, bad sitcoms like Are You There, Chelsea?  flooded the NBC schedule and they were top 10 hits. Well, its 2012 now, and the world may be coming to an end at the this year, but viewers aren’t going sit back and watch bad sitcoms like this. If you’re a fan of Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Lately, I would advise you not to watch the this show. It’s great in theory, but you’ll wish that you had a bottle of vodka to drown away the pain of having wasted a half hour of your life watching this show.

If you care to watch again, Are You There, Chelsea? airs Wednesday’s at 830p.m. on NBC.


  1. Wow, who green lighted must owe Chelsea a big favor. Unfortunately, the rest of us don’t owe Chelsea the boredom, unfunny and waste of time that this show makes ppl suffer through. Reruns of Johnny Carson are better than this!

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