From Champagne to “Champaign (Illionis)” – Trailer of what may be my new Favorite Comedy

Just like every other media conglomerate wanting to make original content, Youtube is also in the game with its own channel trying to capture the attention of everyone. Champaign ILL looks like the first show to capture my attention with this hilarious looking comedy about a rap crew who is at the height of their popularity until someone in their crew dies, their 15 minutes of fame expires, and they are forced to move back to their small town in downstate Illinois.

This cast is pure gold! Adam Pally (Happy Endings, The Mindy Project), Sam Richardson (Veep, Detroiters), and guest starring Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night Live) is sure to get people flocking to YouTube Premium.

The downside is that Youtube Premium cost $11.99/month, but you do get all 10 episodes of Champaign, ILL (dropping at once December 12th) -and additional ad-free music and content through YouTube. Based on this trailer, I think the $11.99 will be worth it for at least 1 month. Check out the trailer below!





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